Devices manufactured by BIOPROMIN

BIOPROMIN LTD is the developer and the manufacturer of Automatic Noninvasive Express Screening Analyzer (ANESA), Microwave and Decimeter Wave Therapy Apparatus “BIOL”  and the device for Shock Wave Therapy STARDEVICE.

ANESA is the uniquie diagnostic system, which gives the information about more than 100 parameters of human organism. It was developed by Malykhin Anatolii (MD), Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Scienses, the leading scientist of the Institute of Neurology, Psychiatry and Narcology of Academy of Medical Sciense of Ukraine in the cooperation with our company. It is based on measurement of temperature in certain biologically active points of a human body, initial data of a patient and parameters of environment.

Low intensity Microwave and Decimeter Wave Therapy Apparatus “BIOL” (hereinafter apparatus BIOL) – this is the device for therapy, which uses electromagnetic waves of meter and decimeter bands, with the frequency 100-1500 MHz, which is designed for therapeutic action on tissues and inner organs of a patient. It is used for the modulation of a patient's immune system, treatment of viral disease, shortening of postoperative rehabilitation period and relief of pain syndrome. The device BIOL can be used in the treatment of some oncological diseases. It was approved in several tests and trials. The apparatus BIOL is recommended for use in the medical institutions, medical and preventive treatment facilities, sanitation institution and out-patient clinics.


STARDEVICE is the device of a new generation for Shock Wave Therapy (SWT). Piezoelectric mechanism of generation of shock waves lays in the base of its functioning. Unlike pneumatic compression devices for SWT, piezoelectric mechanism of impulses' generation allows adjusting an intensity of impact in real time.

The device of shock wave therapy STARDEVICE is intended for the correction/treatment of musculoskeletal system, rehabilitation of spinal and cerebral traumas accompanied by paresis and paralysis. STARDEVICE is recommended for other types of therapy, where forced stimulation of blood circulation in tissues is required.