Recommendations and Contraindications

STARDEVICE can be used for therapy in different areas, not only in orthopaedics, but also in neurology, rheumatology, cosmetology (getting rid of cellulite) and many other spheres. Application is sport medicine you may find here.

Application of the device is limited only by the knowledge of a specialist. STARDEVICE has got built-in protocols, with prescribed procedure of treatment. general recomendations and contraindications for usage are the following:




- Degenerated osteoarthrosis (arthrosis) of large joints;

- Osteochondrosis of different parts of the spine;

- Spinal disc herniation (except Schmorl's nodes);

- Myofascial pain syndrome;

- Heel spur (plantar fasciitis), flat feet;

- Sports injuries of bone-ligament-articular apparatus (during rehabilitation);

- Frozen shoulder (Periarthropathia humeroscapularis);

- Rehabilitation of spinal and cerebral injuries accompanied by paresis and paralysis;

- Rehabilitation after fractures (in case of delayed fracture union);

- Rehabilitation after arthroplasty/joint replacement (with persistent pain);

- Synovitis of various joints (non-infectious);

- Trochanter;

- Osgood–Schlatter disease (osteochondrosis of tuberosity of tibia);

- Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis);

- Golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis);

- Achilles tendinitis, Achilles Bursitis.

- Coagulation disorders (haemophilia);

- Usage of anticoagulant drugs, especially Marcumar;

- Thrombosis;

- Neoplastic diseases, carcinoma;

- Pregnancy;

- Treatment of children and adolescents in the areas of epiphyseal plates;

- Hormonal therapy - up to 6 weeks before the first session.

- Schmorl's nodes


The list of recommendations is not final.

Application of the device is limited only by the knowledge of a specialist.