General information about STARDEVICE

The device of shock wave therapy STARDEVICE is intended for the treatment of musculoskeletal system, rehabilitation of spinal and cerebral traumas accompanied by paresis and paralysis. STARDEVICE is recommended for other types of therapy, where forced stimulation of blood circulation in tissues is required.

The general principle of treatment is based on the impact of shock waves on the affected areas of tissues or on the areas, where blood circulation should be improved. Spreading of shock waves in tissues stimulates microcirculation (blood flow) and lymph circulation, causes passive contraction of vessels and angiogenesis in general. The secondary effect consists in mechanical compression and decompression of tissues, developing the overall tone of muscles, affecting on the trigger points additionally.


STARDEVICE has some significant advantages: 

-Designed specifically for doctors,
- User-friendly interface 
-Diagnosis before and after treatment 
-Specialized built-in treatment protocols for different pathologies 
-Durability and reliability of the mechanism of generation of shock waves 
-Small and compact size (not biger, than a bag for laptop).


Electromagnetic shocks generating mechanism of STARDEVICE  is more reliable and durable in comparison with pneumatic devices of SWT. 
The number of moving parts was minimized.
Compressor is absent, thus its breaking will not stop the device's work and not cause injury to patients or staff.
Self-testing and calibration before each run is installed.