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Recommendations and Contraindications

STARDEVICE can be used for therapy in different areas, not only in orthopaedics, but also in neurology, rheumatology, cosmetology (getting rid of cellulite) and many other spheres.

Application of the device is limited only by the knowledge of a specialist.


Effects of shock wave therapy for athletes:

• Increasing resistance to loads of ligamentous apparatus;

• Improvement of microcirculation in muscles, reducing of pain;

• In complex application, significant reduction of period of treatment and rehabilitation (recovery).


STARDEVICE has got a unique feature: it has special built-in protocols of treatment with predefined settings. 

All the protocols are grouped according to the subject part of a body: Head, Body, Spine, Hands and Legs.

A doctor just runs the protocol and starts treatment - nothing else is required.


General information about STARDEVICE

STARDEVICE is the device of a new generation for Shock Wave Therapy (SWT). Piezoelectric mechanism of generation of shock waves lays in the base of its functioning. Unlike pneumatic compression devices for SWT, piezoelectric mechanism of impulses' generation allows adjusting an intensity of impact in real time.

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