User's Manual for ANESA

Automatic Noninvasive Express Screening Analyzer (ANESA) doesn’t replace biochemical laboratory analysis and gives the information about more than 100 parameters of human organism. The quantity of certified parameters varies in different countries. Other parameters are used as recommended ones (the list of approved parameters is available upon a request to the regional distributor and the manufacturer).

Principle of function of Automatic Noninvasive Express Screening Analyzer (ANESA) is based on measurement of temperature in certain biologically active points of a human body, taking into account other initial data about the patient and parameters of environment. All the information is processed by the software USPIH and is the base for the report/survey with more than 100 parameters of health state.

ANESA analyzer is manufactured in different enclosures to meet customer needs and requirements. Depending on used enclosure, there are different complete sets of cables with microprocessors: Models ANESA-L/2007 and ANESA-L/2007w, ANESA-L/2012 and ANESA-L/2012w, ANESA-T/2011...

Full version of the User's Manual can be downloaded here.