Analyzers with Tablet PC (ANESA-T/2011) are equipped with pre-installed USPIH 10.

Analyzers ANESA-L/2007 and ANESA-L/2012 require installation of the software USPIH, version 10. The software USPIH 10 can be downloaded just after purchasing the analyzer ANESA, using the link mentioned in the Technical passport for the device.

Analyzers ANESA-L/2007w and ANESA-L/2012w require installation of the software USPIH, version 9. The software USPIH 9 can be downloaded here.


Before installing the software USPIH, make sure that your computer has two free USB ports and you have got the rights of "Administrator» (Windows Vista, Windows 7).


Main features of the both types of software are the following:


Counting the number of tests/surveys (for limited versions of ANESA)

According to a distributor’s requirements, Guardant Stealth II protection key can limit the software USPIH usage (available for USPIH 10). The limited version of the software allows examining definite (previously programmed) quantity of patients.

The distributor makes updating of limits or upgrading to unlimited versions according to the agreements with customers/users.

Any user of limited version of the software USPIH is able to control the remaining quantity of tests. Such information is displayed in the help menu (use icon "?" in the top menu and choose “About software"): 


Number of remaining tests is mentioned in the last sentence. In case the software is unlimited, the icon of infinity “” will be displayed there. 


IMPORTANT! If the number of remaining tests becomes zero, it will be impossible to examine anybody. To update the limit of examinations, please contact the distributor.