About device ANESA

General information about medical device ANESA

Automatic Noninvasive Express Screening Analyzer (ANESA) doesn’t replace biochemical laboratory analysis.

This is a unique diagnostic system, which gives the information about more than 100 parameters of human organism. 

History of development

Non-invasive blood analyzer was developed by Ukrainian scientists. The author of this method is Malykhin Anatolii, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, MD, a leading scientist of the Institute of Neurology, Psychiatry and Narcology of Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine (Kharkiv, Ukraine).

The main technical part of the development was realized by the engineers of company Biopromin LTD (Kharkiv, Ukraine).


Memo for a measurement on ANESA

Users of the device ANESA should follow the instructions and pay attention to the important points during test. It will help to avoid possible errors of measurement.

List of parameters, determined by ANESA

There are more than 100 parameters in a survey/test report. The list of determined parameters is the following...


Several versions of the software USPIH are offered for users of the device ANESA ...

User's Manual for ANESA

User's Manual is the subject for updating. The latest version of User's Manual is here...

Theory of noninvasive measurements

The principle of operation of the AMP noninvasive analyzer is based on processing of behavior of temperature indicators in representation points (bifurcation of the carotid artery: on the left and on the right, in axillary and abdominal areas)...

Function of ANESA

Automatic Noninvasive Express Screening Analyzer processes signals coming from sensors placed on body of a patient, converts these signals to digital form, passes them to the PC and operates then.

Five sensors, connected to an analyzer, measure temperature of patients’ reference points with accuracy not less than 0,5oC. Sensors send parameters of temperature to central processor unit of the ANESA Screening Analyzer. Given data are processed by central processor unit and are sent to PC, which makes it possible to view and print the results. Calculation of the data of blood test parameters is made by special examination algorithm named Malykhin-Pulavskyi method (Ukrainian Patent Nr. 3546 A61B5)

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