General safety rules for BIOL

General instructions and safety provisions

            1. General instructions

 Do not use the apparatus:

  • at an ambient temperature above +35 °С or below +10 °С;
  • at an air humidity above 95%;
  • in premises with aggressive media;
  • in dust-loaded premises;
  • on prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.


 2.1. Safety provisions

  • It is prohibited to use the device with damaged external insulation of the working cables; 
  • Check the state of the casing before start operating the device. There should be no cracks or mechanical damage to the casing;
  • Protect the apparatus against moisture condensation. With abrupt change of ambient temperature, it is necessary to wait at least 30 min for evaporating of the condensed moisture;
  • Socket outlets, used to feed power to the device, must match to the relevant power cable plugs;
  • Prevent the power cable from being twisted or clamped. Do not place the power cable in those locations, where it can be easily damaged;
  • DO NOT use liquids and spray cleaners to clean the casing;
  • Do NOT place the apparatus on unstable surface;
  • Restarting of the apparatus must be performed not sooner than 20 seconds after switching off.
  • It is prohibited to use the apparatus under explosion-dangerous conditions, particularly in the premises with highly inflammable anesthetic drugs.