Functional test for BIOL

The test consists in the sequential switching on of the generator modules, measuring of emission level by means of the built-in emission detector and comparison of the obtained results with factory-set parameters.


The self-testing (preparing) is carried out automatically at every switching on of the apparatus.


Running order of the generator modules is indicated by sequential appearance of dark rectangles in the bottom line of a liquid crystal display. Upon completion of the check, you will see a sign “Preparing…ОК”. After that, the apparatus exits Preparing mode, and the record “Ready. Total xxxyym” appears on the liquid crystal display screen. There is an indication of the overall worked time of the apparatus (hours – h, minutes - m) in the bottom line of the liquid crystal display.

Inoperability of a certain generator module is indicated by the absence of the corresponding rectangle.  

In case the functional test shows inoperability of any generator, the device is not allowed for working; it is the subject to return to the manufacturer for repairing (please contact us).