BIOL. Technical characteristics

Main tehcnical characteristics of the device BIOL

Depending on the potential usage risk, the apparatus belongs to the devices of Class “II a”, according to DSTU 4388.

With reference to protection against electric shock, the apparatus corresponds to Class II of products without applied part, Type B according to DSTU 3798 (ІЕС 601-1-88). 

As to operation conditions, the apparatus falls into climatic modification category for temperate cold climate 4.2 according to GOST 15150, but it is designed for operation at temperatures stipulated by GOST 20790.

In regard to response to the mechanical actions, the apparatus falls into group 2 according to GOST 20790.

In respect of failure effect, the apparatus belongs to Class B according to RD 50-707.

As for electromagnetic compatibility provision, the apparatus meets requirements of DSTU ІЕС 60601-1-2.

Running time is not more than 12 hours per day