BIOL-electromagnetic therapy. General information


Low intensity Microwave and Decimeter Wave Therapy Apparatus “BIOL” (hereinafter apparatus BIOL) – this is the device for therapy, whic uses electromagnetic waves of meter and decimeter bands, with the frequency 100-1500 MHz, which is designed for therapeutic action on tissues and inner organs of a patient.

Emitted electromagnetic waves result in the oscillatory effect in the human body, thus stimulating activity of the physical and chemical processes in the body. Penetrating power of the decimeter waves in tissue makes up 8-11 cm at an average. Skin and subcutaneous fat thickness have no significant influence on reflection coefficient and absorption coefficient of the decimeter waves.

It is used for the modulation of a patient's immune system, treatment of viral disease, shortening of postoperative rehabilitation period and relief of pain syndrome.

Private use of the apparatus is recommended according to a physician’s requirements, with defined duration, number of sessions and control over the course of treatment, which is based on the results of a patient’s clinical analysis.

The apparatus BIOL is recommended for use in the medical institutions, medical and preventive treatment facilities, sanitation institution and out-patient clinics.