BIOL application. Procedure of working

Before using the device, it is necessary to prepare it in the following way: 

Place the device on an even surface at a distance not less than 1.0…2.5 m from a patient;
Connect a power cable of the device using the socket on the casing back panel;
Make sure, the power button on the front panel is in the "Power off" position ;
Connect a power cable plug to the circuit of 220 V 50 Hz;
Press the power button. To be sure the command is being executed, it is necessary to pay attention to a LED, which is built-in into the power button, it should light;
Make sure that there are running letters «Biopromin LTD Biol» on the LCD and the Preparing mode has started. 
When you ensured the functional test finished successfully and the device is ready for a work, it is necessary to choose the mode: Therapy or Rehabilitation:
  • Press shortly a mode selector.  On the screen, you will see a sign “MENU: Therapy” and hear short signal of confirmation.
  • or select Rehabilitation mode, turning the mode selector to the right, until corresponding record appears on the screen.
  • Confirm selection of the mode by short pressing of the mode selector.
  • Enter the time of session as follows: after displaying an invitation to enter hours of a session duration:  «Enter hours…», set the session time in complete hours (from 0 to 11), by turning the mode selector, and confirm setting by short pressing to the mode selector. A beep of confirmation will sound and an invitation to enter minutes of the session duration: «Enter minutes…» will appear. The procedure is the same as for hours' setting. Finally, a sign of the selected mode will appear, as well as the countdown timer (it shows remain time of therapeutic/rehabilitation session).

The session has begun.

In case you need to readjust previously set parameters of the selected operation mode, it is necessary to return to the beginning of programming by long pressing of the mode selector. Command acceptance is confirmed by a long tone signal.
The same actions should be done in case of termination of the session, earlier than set time.
When the set session time will expire, you will hear three tone signals, generators will be disconnected. Updated overall worked time will be displayed in the bottom line of the display.